Well-known pharmaceutical business GTX is thought to be exploring a SARM known as S23 and based on available information, it is not tough to see why. Thus far, research results have shown a positive correlation between the intake of S23, muscle mass development, and fat reduction. Apparently, the S23 SARM works by binding itself with androgen receptors and it is non-steroidal.

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S23 is said to positively affect muscles and bones thanks to its tissue-selective anabolic effects, and it doesn’t arrive with the androgenic effects that other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) come.

By way of instance, rather than enlarging the prostate it really reduces its dimensions which is great news for all those of you who are worried about its potential effects on the prostate.

GTX is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in hormonal drugs, so it makes sense that they would be investigating S23 and other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). GTX’s interest in S23 is based on claims that the SARM has sperm-suppressing traits that could adapt it as the world’s first male contraceptive. GTX has additionally developed MK-2866, also known as Ostarine.

If you’re interested to find out more about S23, keep reading to learn how it functions, how it may benefit you, its side effects, as well as the research that has been conducted on it so far.


Comparable to other SARMs, S23 affects muscle and bone tissue and primarily produces anabolic results in these areas. The excellent thing about S23 is that it doesn’t arrive with the side-effects that are caused by the majority of SARMs on the market.


The scientific study and anecdotal evidence that has come forth about S23 demonstrates that it is quite possibly the most potent SARM there is.

Here are just some of the documented benefits that come from using it.

1. Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass
S23 was demonstrated to help build lean body mass, and those who’ve taken it have reported greater gain retention after completing their cycle.

2. Increases Strength and Stamina
S23 users also report experiencing a significant increase in endurance, speed, and endurance whenever they’re cycling this SARM. This implies harder, meaner and more workouts which really produce results.

S23 provides you the opportunity to optimize high-intensity workouts thanks to innate fat-burning and lean muscle building properties.

The only downside of accepting S23 is it can boost anger. According to a user, this could be a result of the level of intensity with which one processes workouts when shooting S23.

3. Helps with Fat reduction
One other advantage of taking S23 is the simple fact that it helps with fat loss as well as fat oxidization.

In fact, a study that has been done on rats revealed that giving them S23 lower the rats’ body weight percent while increasing bone mineral density and lean muscle mass. The analysis also demonstrates that taking S23 in high dosages raises its fat-burning properties appreciably, which contributes to a massive decline in body fat.

4. Shows Minimal Water Retention
Consumers report that S23 doesn’t lead to any bloating or water retention, which means that they could keep their profits even once they were completed cycling S23. As a result, many bodybuilders use S23 throughout the cutting phase as they find it most valuable in this phase.

5. Develops a Challenging Muscle Aesthetic
If you want to build grainy-looking muscles, then you need to definitely consider taking S23 during the cutting stage. It’s well worth noting that getting the kind of hard muscle cosmetic that S23 delivers isn’t something you can do using traditional steroids, which explains the reason why most bodybuilders favor taking S23 in preparation for events and competitions.


Here are some of the side-effects which you may expect to encounter when choosing S23.

1. Testosterone Shutdown
According to users, S23 is the nearest thing to conventional steroids which you can get in the SARM market. This makes it unique and far more potent, with side-effects that are quite distinct from different SARMs. S23 actually decreases testosterone levels to the point that some users report supplementing with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in order to fight the subsequent deficiency.

The fantastic news is that this side effect doesn’t last and will come to be completely reversed as soon as you’ve finished your cycle on S23.

2. Aggression
There have been reports of improved anger whilst taking S23, therefore it might not be the ideal option for those that have a history of anger problems.

3. Testicle Shrinkage
Some bodybuilders have noticed their testicles decreasing while utilizing S23 and this was later endorsed by a scientific study that showed the exact same side effect.

This is principally connected with S23’s capability to reduce testosterone rather than increasing it, and the good news is that it’s merely a temporary negative and matters should return to normal once you finish cycling together with it.

4. Darker Urine
S23 has been proven to create a darker urine shade, but this side-effect can also be temporary and only lasts while you’re cycling with S23.


Typically, it’s suggested to take S23 in doses of between 0.5mg and 50mg. This is based on studies that were run on the SARM up to now.

Yes, we realize that this is a really extensive selection but like any SARM, the dose of S23 depends on a number of aspects, such as the outcome you’re searching for. That said, most bodybuilders state that an effective dose is anything between 20mg and 30mg.

If you’d like my advice concerning the best S23 doses, then I’d say go with roughly 10 to 20mg a day. According to anecdotal experiences, this is possibly the most optimal S23 dosage. This compound is quite effective and powerful, you probably won’t need much more.

The half-life of all S23 is roughly 12 hours. This means that you will need to dose S23 two times every day so as to have steady levels in the blood. I would suggest taking your S23 dosage once in the morning and once in the evening.


Yes, definitely!

This includes standard and shouldn’t even be a question at this point. You need to take steps to regain hormonal balance once you cycle with any SARM, not just S23.

However, it is even more crucial that you do so with S-23 because the amount of suppression it causes could lead to a whole shutdown. This means you need to undergo a very rigorous PCT to get your endocrine system functioning optimally again.

For the best outcomes, we would recommend going with Clomid and Nolvadex. Be certain that you read our SARMs PCT Article, it contains a lot of useful info regarding this subject.

While most SARMs won’t lead to hormonal havoc after a cycle, there are no such promises with S23 since it’s really effective and quite like steroids in its consequences.

It is important to keep this information in mind when contemplating that an S23 cycle so you can take the necessary measures to recover your hormonal balance afterward. Of course, its negative effects are temporary and will stop as soon as you’ve completed the cycle but it’s far better to be on the secure side nonetheless.


S23 is the sole SARM on the market that’s strong enough to duplicate the type of results you’d get from powerful steroids or prohormones. RAD140 Or Andarine would be a close second.

Actually, some users have reported experiencing similar consequences on Winstrol & Anavar when cycling with S23, while a study by Dr. Tony Huge showed the very same results.

Below you can see the personal review of S23 by Dr. Tony Huge:

That said, taking S23 remains much less extreme as biking with steroids like Winstrol and Anavar, for instance.

All in all, S23 was shown to produce a lean, mean and high-performing body that can win your contests when cycled in the right way.


A good deal of bodybuilders includes S23 SARM towards the end of their cycle in order to help them produce a more challenging and grainer body that’s made possible by S23’s fat-reducing qualities.

Some people report to stack SARMs like S23 with LGD-4033 and MK-677 for excellent lean muscle gains.

As such, it’s often advised to add S23 throughout the previous 8 weeks of your 12-week cycle rather than beginning with it at the start.


Judging from the study and experiential evidence purchased forth by S23 SARM consumers so far, this SARM is a powerhouse that may help you get rid of body fat, gain lean muscle mass and produce a ripped, textured physique.

But it’s important to keep in mind that using it does come with certain inevitable side effects that we’ve said but they do cease as soon as you’ve finished cycling with S23.

Plus, you will have the ability to keep the lean muscle that you gained even after you’ve completed your cycle so that it’s the fantastic SARM for anybody that’s preparing for a competition.

The only serious drawback with taking S23 is the fact that no clinical trials have been performed to corroborate the claims made about it, however, a study is underway to provide more conclusive and trustworthy proof. You also have to deal with the truth that S23 significantly suppresses testosterone, however, you can prevent this unwanted effect by complimenting S23 with the ideal supplements.

In general, S23 is the perfect choice for getting textured muscle, increase fat loss and retain lean muscle mass following a cycle. If you do not believe S23 is the right selection for you, make sure that you check out RAD-140 and LGD-4033, both are great for building bulk.