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N2Guard – 5 Reasons Why It Is The Best Liver Supplement For Steroid Users

You probably promised yourself that it was just likely to be a one-time event. Just one teeny weeny Testosterone Enanthate cycle to give you a taste of what is determined by the opposite side.

However much to your surprise, you discovered that the forbidden fruit really does taste better than what you expected it to be.

So, you do one more cycle and promise that you’re likely to stop at this one.

Before you realize, you’re just three to four bicycles old. And things are starting to get dull.

The results appear to have plateaued. And you also say, let’s add one more compound into the pile to make things a bit more interesting. So you begin with 17CAA oral steroids, albeit a ‘safe’ one such as Anavar.

The results are from the world. You seem to be at your healthy best. How bad can it get?

So you include one more chemical for the muscle, like Masteron. And then Deca for the joints. And Trenbolone for your own recomp.

You know the drill.

And one fine day, your regular bloodwork throws a horrible surprise. Your liver is on the point of going kaput. So are your kidneys. Along with your heart, your lipids aren’t anything to write home about.

That’s a story that we have heard and witnessed countless times already with rookie steroid users. To prevent this from occurring, you want a solid organ support supplement like N2Guard.

What Is N2Guard?

Unlike other run-of-the-mill organ support supplements, N2Guard was created specifically for anabolic steroid users and hardcore alcoholics. It has multiple super ingredients that make your liver bulletproof and also provide essential help to other organs that get badgered during steroid use.

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But, as it’s not promoted as significantly as the big brands are, there seems to be a doubt regarding its effectiveness. Today, we’ll place it on the remainder.

Here are five reasons why N2Guard is much better than any other liver nutritional supplement and penis support supplement in the market currently.

#1 — N2Guard Does Not Table Dress

In case you have not heard that term before,’Table Dressing’ means adding ingredients only in trace amounts to groom up the product tag. It’s done for a variety of reasons.

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To reduce production costs: The best components are frequently the most expensive ones. Table dressing functions both the functions. It allows the manufacturer to include the ingredient to the product label. At the exact same time, adding it to minuscule levels helps them cut expenses.

To make the product more attractive or saleable: Let’s say a producer wants to market a liver supplement. He adds trace quantities of TUDCA and Milk Thistle and highlights the item label with these two ingredients. Bingo. It boosts in sales.

N2Guard does not table dress. It contains the best ingredients in sufficient quantities which makes them effective.

#2 — This Includes The Best, Scientifically Proven Liver Protective Ingredients

N2Guard includes 3 ingredients that are backed by clinical research to prevent liver damage. There is TUDCA, which is FDA approved for the treatment of liver disease, there’s Milk thistle which has been used since ages for treating liver damage in alcoholics and there’s N-acetyl cysteine, a powerful detox agent that will help remove toxins that accumulate in the liver.

That’s not all. It also contains turmeric which includes the vital ingredient curcumin that protects the liver from oxidative stress, and Vitamins A, D, E, B12 and iron, which operate in synergy to prevent the formation of scar tissue in the liver.

We spoke about table grooming before. So here are the specific quantities of these ingredients in N2Guard.

  • TUDCA — 250MG
  • Milk Thistle — 300mg
  • NAC — 300mg
  • Beef root — 125mg
  • Vitamin A — 5000IU
  • Vit D — 100IU
  • Vitamin B6 — 25MG
  • Vit B12 — 1000MCG

We compared that with a few of the very best and most popular huge brand cycle service supplements and found that nearly all of them just contain one or 2 of those ingredients at much lesser quantities than that.

‘Cycle Protection’ from Reborn Labs, for example, contains just 250mg of Milk Thistle plus it sells in droves. (Ref.)

#3 — It Also Protects The Heart And The Kidneys

Along with your HPTA which gets hammered with steroid use, it’s your kidney along with your heart which undergoes the maximum stress while using anabolic steroids.

N2Guard not just protects the liver, but in addition, it keeps your kidneys functioning at its best along with also your lipid values in check.

It comprises Garlic extract which is known for the prevention and the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, Coenzyme Q10, that is clinically known to be among the very best remedies for a wide collection of cardiac disorders and Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Parsley leaf extracts and Turmeric protect your kidneys from harm.

Uva Ursi, Dandelion origin and Hawthorne berry help to modulate blood pressure. (Ref.)

#4 — N2Guard Can Be Used By Anybody

In recent years, there are many instances of liver supplements being combined with herbs which are unsafe.

This is done by producers to create hype about their products. Deep down, we are suckers for the exotic.

Fancy names and phrases on product labels look attractive to us. However, it can cause severe complications and reactions. Some of them may actually make your condition worse.

That is why N2Guard is among the best supplements on the planet. Each and every ingredient is supported by the study. There’s nothing fancy because you don’t need fancy stuff to guard your organs. You just need stuff that works.

This makes it totally safe to be used by athletes of all ages. Be it guys, women, girls or boys, anyone seeking to put in a protective dietary supplement may consider using N2Guard. (Ref.)

#5 — It Does Not Cause Any Side Effects

Just about any ingredient that is regarded as liver protective can be toxic to your liver at unreasonable doses.

That’s the flip side of the desk dressing table. Having ingredients at disproportionate quantities.

Vitamin A, for example, is extremely beneficial for liver disease. However, it can cause severe liver toxicity with overuse.

N2Guard doesn’t cause any unwanted side effects. Period.

Closing Thoughts

Skip those expensive and elaborate liver supps and attempt N2Guard for a shift.

We’re sure you will not be trading it for anything else.

HCG Injections: What You Should Know About Them

An Overview of HCG Injections

A growing number of people are looking into weight-loss alternatives as we continue to come to terms with all the harmful effects of being obese.

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From the many suggested alternatives, HCG injections are among the most talked-about solutions due to how effective they are when implemented properly.

Are you currently looking into HCG shots for weight reduction? Here is what you will need to know about this solution.

What’s HCG?

HCG stands for the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone tasked with the responsibility of keeping a healthy reproductive system, among other functions. The hormone is typically published at greater levels in elderly women.

In guys, HCG is produced in very minute quantities and works to boost the production of testosterone. In pregnant women, HCG is crucial to maintaining the health of the developing fetus in the uterus.

What Are HCG Injections?

Also called HCG shots, these are medicinal kinds of the HCG hormone and are often administered to deal with a variety of issues, ranging from fertility issues to weight loss.

HCG injections help you eliminate weight by mimicking the effect of HCG on elderly women. To ensure that the fetus growing at a pregnant woman doesn’t have problems with a lack of nutrition, HCG usually transforms the stored fats in the body into an energy source.

This usually means that HCG can specifically target adipose tissue and burn it to produce energy. To someone looking to lose weight, that’s all they could request. However, for your HCG to work, you ought to be at a caloric-deficit to activate the hormone to burn stored fat for energy.

While being in a caloric-deficit is sufficient to help you lose weight, often it leaves you tired due to a lack of energy. This makes it hard to adhere to such a strategy. Combining HCG injections using a low-carb diet, however, is more effective because it doesn’t just aim your fat cells but also makes it possible to manage the hunger pangs that include such a diet, thus making it easier to follow through with the plan. By a low-carb diet, we imply consuming as few as 500 calories in a day!

When done correctly, the HCG injections and diet plans were shown to help people lose between 1 and 2 pounds in a day.

HCG Injections Mechanism of Action

The HCG weight loss plan is generally executed in four stages. Here’s a detailed explanation of those stages:

  • Stage 1

Also known as the loading phase, it involves eating at a little of excess to come up with your fat stores. This is normally the best stage for the majority of people due to a lack of caloric restrictions. However, this does not mean that you consume any and everything, rather, your diet should consist of healthy foods.

  • Stage 2

Here is actually the most involved stage of the program and may last between 3 months and 4 weeks, depending on the suggestions of your specialist after evaluating you. Stage 2 is regarded as the most challenging because it’s when eating in a caloric-deficit comes in to play. Even though HCG injections will work towards suppressing your appetite so that you can follow along with the program, you will still experience hunger pangs.

Nevertheless, this is where the vast majority of weight loss happens.

  • Phase 3

This is regarded as the stabilization stage of the HCG diet program. Here, you may no longer have HCG shots administered to you personally. Nevertheless, you are still going to have to track your weight knowingly.

  • Stage 4

This is the maintenance phase of the program and, thus, entails ensuring that you stick to your weight. If you finish this stage successfully, there’s a very high likelihood you won’t revert to the habits that allow you to gain weight.

Also, Phase 4 does not have strict diet constraints like those from the 2nd and 3rd phases. Therefore, it is very important to exercise discipline to prevent compromising your efforts.

What are the Benefits of HCG Injections for Weight Loss?

Along with making the weight loss process more manageable, HCG shots also allow you benefits like:

  • Maintaining Muscle

One of the side effects of ingesting in a caloric deficit is your body typically goes into a catabolic state. This usually means it will not just turn to your fat stores for energy but also at your muscle tissue. You may, therefore, start losing muscle tissue. When that occurs, your body no longer works at an optimal state because it affects your metabolic rate. This makes your weight loss journey even more arduous.

By helping sustain your muscle tissues, HCG injections ensure your weight reduction strategy remains powerful.

  • Enhanced Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is the rate at which you burn the calories that you eat. The speed of metabolism, however, varies greatly among people depending on factors like age, genetics, and growth hormone levels. That is why some individuals barely put on weight no matter what they consume due to their high rate of metabolism. On the flip side, some individuals seem to put on weight just by smelling food, due to their low metabolic rate.

Unfortunately, most overweight individuals generally have a reduced metabolic rate. That is the reason why HCG shots are recommended for them since they enhance the human body’s metabolism. Furthermore, they operate to stabilize your metabolic rate so that it remains constant even after you’ve completed the program. This ensures that you’re better equipped to keep your new weight in the long run.

  • Appetite Suppression

Considering that the vital part of any weight loss program is to consume a caloric-deficit diet, the individual is generally in a constant state of hunger, thus making the whole process torturous. HCG diets follow the same protocol. But they make the process more manageable by suppressing your appetite.

This enhances the chances of the program being successful.

  • Enhancing Testosterone Manufacturing

HCG shots have been shown to raise natural testosterone levels within the body. With higher amounts of testosterone coursing through the body, the speed of muscle building and fat burning becomes improved. Furthermore, someone’s sex drive becomes fostered, thereby leading to a better quality of life.

  • Affordability

Since you won’t have to use HCG injections indefinitely, your weight loss goals won’t grow to be a constant in your budget. As soon as you’ve finished the four phases, the remainder will all be preserved.

Are There Side Effects to Using HCG Injections?

Being that HCG injections aren’t FDA-approved, one might be forgiven for presuming they are not safe. But, HCG injections have been actively employed for weight reduction for over five decades. Throughout that period of time, countless individuals have praised this weight loss program because of its efficacy.

Nevertheless, the HCG program has been associated with side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Swelling of the hands and feet.

These side effects, but are correlated with being on a very low-calorie diet as opposed to the injections themselves.

How Long Should You Wait Before the Results Become Noticeable?

The biggest perk of using HCG injections for weight loss is in how quickly the outcomes will materialize. As stated before, it is possible to lose up to between 1 and 2 pounds per day. Nonetheless, how soon the outcomes become noticeable depends upon factors like discipline and overall health.

For the most part, yet, you can expect to see the results in as little as a few days or two weeks for some people.

How Is HCG Injected into the Body?

HCG is injected into your system subcutaneously. This means it is injected into an oily section of the human body. This not only helps to decrease the pain but also helps ensure that you can administer a healthy dose of the hormone. Some of the best places in the entire body to inject HCG, so, include the thighs, lower back, or even upper.

If you’ll be self-injecting, make sure that you first clean your hands and sterilize both the needle and the area that you will be injecting the hormone in to. Injecting into precisely the same place over and over again can lead to painful bruising. Therefore, make sure that you regularly switch between injection sites to prevent distress or a possible disease.

Last Thoughts

Losing weight is an arduous endeavor for anyone, and, so it’s crucial to recognize the problem of the path you will be embarking on. This will allow you to stick to the weight reduction program irrespective of how slow the outcomes seem to be coming along.

Together with a low-calorie diet, HCG injections have been shown to increase the rate of weight loss radically. They do so by not only suppress your appetite but also by increasing your energy levels, therefore you are better suited to endure the low-carb diet.

But, it’s advisable to consult a doctor in order that they can evaluate you to determine whether HCG injections are appropriate for you.

Here’s a Closer Look at the Three Best Testosterone Boosters


Testosterone is an important sex hormone for both men and women, but it’s naturally more important for guys. The hormone plays a vital function in regulating the growth of muscle, tackling fat loss, and helping men to attain optimum health.

Modern life means that more men than ever before are fighting with reduced testosterone levels. This is due to a range of environmental and lifestyle factors.

A range of natural testosterone boosters has hit the marketplace as a consequence. These boosters vary concerning quality and there are plenty on the market — in this informative article, we are likely to take a peek at the 3 best testosterone boosters that will help you make the right choice.


This is a natural amino acid which could help to boost low testosterone levels. Following is a closer look at why this is among the 3 best testosterone boosters on the market.

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This really is a naturally-occurring amino acid that is created within the body. It assists the pituitary gland to make and release the appropriate hormones into the body. That is the reason it’s among the 3 best testosterone boosters on the market.

Lots of studies have found that D-aspartic acid is very helpful in helping people with reduced testosterone levels to build muscle and enhance sexual function.


Studies have found that D-aspartic acid Is Quite helpful in two key areas:

Construction muscle

First things first, this acid can help men with low testosterone levels to construct muscle mass more efficiently. This helps guys to achieve healthy muscle density and feel confident in their own bodies.

Improving sexual function

It is no secret that many guys around the globe suffer from issues when it comes to sexual purposes. A number of researchers found that this amino acid helps men to solve those problems to delight in healthy sex life.


There’s very little evidence to indicate that D-aspartic acid induces unwanted effects. With that said, 1 study found that one in five men experienced irritability, headaches, and anxiety.


Most studies indicate that guys take 2-3 grams every day to resolve their testosterone issues. This might change from one product to another, though, so it’s important that you follow the directions that come with a given product.


Tribulus is a naturally-occurring herb that has been used over hundreds of years as a crucial component within the herbal medication. It’s unquestionably one of the 3 best testosterone boosters.

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This herb has been tested predominantly on creatures to date, but these studies show that the herb does indeed create a better sex drive and higher levels of testosterone.

There have also been studies conducted on guys. A 90-day analysis was conducted on men that suffer from erectile dysfunction — the study found that sexual wellness and increase testosterone levels were improved by 16%.

As with the other testosterone boosters, this merchandise was shown to help those men suffering from low testosterone — it doesn’t cause any noticeable advancement for healthy individuals.


Tribulus is one of the 3 best testosterone boosters since it assists in two Important areas:

Greater testosterone levels

This organic herb has been proven in a number of trials to enhance the testosterone levels of men who suffer from low testosterone.

Improved sex drive

Many of the topics in clinical trials report that they gain from an improved sex drive and much better sex life in general.


There are very few side effects. Those side effects which were reported are minimal — in very rare cases some people reported nausea, cramping, and problems sleeping. In some extremely rare instances, some reports of kidney damage have been reported however, the findings are inconclusive.


The precise dosage will be different from one individual to another based on a host of variables such as their size and present testosterone level. It is important that individuals who opt to take this merchandise follow the instructions closely and remain consistent concerning the dosage.

The recommended dosage might change from one product to another, also, so it is crucial that you pay special attention to what is right for you.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (called DHEA) is a hormone that occurs naturally within your system. This important hormone plays an important role in motivating the creation of testosterone, whilst also managing estrogen levels.

Over the years, DHEA has emerged as one of the 3 best testosterone boosters available.

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DHEA is one of the 3 best testosterone boosters in the marketplace because it is extremely popular and it has the biggest body of research behind it. A lot of research has explored the energy of the supplement and found that it can increase testosterone levels by an astonishing 20%.

It’s very important to know, however, that the results are mixed with a number of other supplements. A few people may find that DHEA does not have a demonstrable impact on their testosterone levels.

A good sign of its efficacy, though, is the simple fact that it’s been banned for professional athletes. Athletic commissions understand that the supplement might give athletes an unfair edge.


A number of studies have demonstrated that DHEA can help to boost a man’s testosterone levels. This helps guys to live a healthy and satisfying life given that it helps them to build muscle mass, so enjoy a healthy sexual life, and much more.


In rare cases, DHEA can cause some side effects. In order to avoid these, it is very important to pay careful consideration to dosages.

In rare instances, men have reported suffering from high blood pressure, stomach upsets, hair loss, and greasy skin.


Studies have found that 100 milligrams per day are your safest and best sweet spot that people should aim for when taking DHEA. As ever, however, it is important that people listen to the recommended dosages — that figure could vary from 1 product to the next.

You need to be sure to always look closely at the doses as recommended by every provider.


We expect that this closer look at the 3 best testosterone boosters has already been useful to you. As you can see, there are a lot of promising options out there that can help to boost testosterone and also assist men to achieve a joyful and satisfying life.

Gynectrol Review: #1 For Burning Chest Fat? Amazing Results!

Gynecomastia, also referred to as male breasts can be a real problem. A lot of people message me asking if I know anything that may help.

The truth is, most people today believe that they have gynecomastia, but they really have excess chest fat. When you’ve got plenty of fat around the chest and nipple area, you are going to start developing man boobs.

Gynectrol is a natural alternative that could reduce the fat around the chest area.

If you are struggling with man boobs, take a couple of minutes and check out this Gynectrol Review.


You’re probably most interested in just how Gynectrol will help eliminate your male breasts.

We’ll get to this in a moment but first, what’s the cause of man boobs?

They are caused by a hormonal imbalance in addition to excessive fatty tissue in the chest region.

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  • Reduce Man Boobs
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Restore Hormonal Balance
  • Advanced Formula
  • Boost Energy
  • Lose Chest Fat




So, if We Would like to Eliminate them you are going to need to do 2 things:

  • Lower Total Body Fat
  • Restore Hormonal Imbalance

The formula supporting Gynectrol will not only help burn fat, but it’ll also help restore the hormonal imbalance.

You’ll find different ingredients such as Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Theobromine and Guggulsterones in this item.

Once the fat starts melting off, you’ll begin seeing results pretty quickly. Besides losing fat, it is going to also re-balance the hormones in your body. Most users start seeing results within just 1 to 2 weeks.

I have to state, CrazyBulk did a great job at inventing this item. It is one of those few products which was designed specially to help combat male breasts.

Keep in mind guys, it is only a nutritional supplement and you still need to diet properly. Make sure that you eat below your everyday maintenance in order to lose fat.


Let’s take a look at what others had to say about Gynectrol.

I have been utilizing Gynectrol for roughly a month now. I have noticed a significant difference in chest fat but still, have a thing to do. I would say a different jar of Gynectrol also it should be completely gone.


I have had man boobs for as long as I can recall. A few weeks back I finally decided I was going to do something about it. I’m on a diet and work out 3 times a week. Gynectrol is simply amazing in regards to burning chest fat, I suggest this item.


It did not work as I expected it to. After 2 weeks I didn’t observe any noticeable results. I am not sure it is because I didn’t diet properly or if the product does not work.


Stacking Gynectrol and D-Bal was a game-changer for me. They helped me lose the surplus chest fat and my guy boobs completely vanished after just a month. It’s a great stack and will considerably boost your confidence when your chest fat is gone.


If you want to share your Gynectrol review, please leave a comment down below.

I’m really interested to hear what other men and women think about this item. I have read quite a few user experiences and pretty much everybody seems very satisfied with the outcomes they’d gotten.

It’s also worth mentioning that a good deal of users decides to stack it with other products such as legal steroids.


Gynectrol is rather a powerful product. You definitely don’t wish to take more than the recommended dosage which is 2 capsules a day.

Additionally, it contains a high dosage of caffeine. If you are sensitive to stimulants I would suggest starting off with only 1 capsule per day to evaluate tolerance.

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Depending on the positive user testimonials and formula I would say Gynectrol actually works.

It is among the very few products on the market that targets the reduction of man boobs. Apart from that, it’s totally safe and legal to use.

But you ought to be sure you are following a diet. This item works nicely, but if you don’t consume fewer calories it is not likely to work as effectively.

If you are wondering whether or not you should purchase Gynectrol, I’d definitely suggest to give it a try. It has worked for most people and that I approve of the goods.

Just make sure that you purchase Gynectrol on the official Crazybulk website.

SARMs Vs Prohormones – SARMs Stronger Than PHs? SHOCKING!

SARMs are often in contrast to prohormones as soon as it comes down to how successful they are. You’re obviously looking for the very best alternative that can help you build muscle, so which is better if comparing SARMs Vs Prohormones?

Let us start off by stating prohormones are a schedule III controlled substance. A number of them are still available in the underground steroid network, one of the most known prohormones is Superdrol.

On the other hand, SARMs are still available as research chemicals. There are still plenty of legitimate sellers available that sell high-quality SARMs. It is said that the SARM S-23 is very comparable to Superdrol


A Prohormone acts as a chemical precursor. They act like steroids, however, they also carry some serious side effects such as hormone suppression and other horrible stuff.

A decade back prohormones were extremely common. They have been offered over the counter in the majority of supplement shops plus they gave amazing results.

Maybe the prohormones called Superdrol or Epistane ring a bell. Both these chemicals were very strong and helped pack on size and strength very rapidly.

Related image

They are considered milder than compounds, but they certainly have unwanted effects. They can also have an impact on your normal hormone production and other biological systems. Prohormones can also be liver toxic, which means you want to be extremely cautious when experimenting together.

Most prohormones are not available anymore. There are still a couple ones round but they aren’t too powerful.

But that does not mean they don’t give superior results. A few compounds such as 1-DHEA and 4-DHEA are apparently still powerful for building strength and size.


SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. The science supporting SARMs is completely different compared to prohormones and steroids. They were actually supposed to be a more powerful alternative for steroids.

Many SARMs were made to help fight muscle wasting disorders and other conditions.

Related image

The current research that’s been performed on SARMs is quite promising. They have yet to be approved for human consumption that’s the reason why they are available to purchase as a research chemical. SARMs have probably gotten more popular than prohormones because of how little side effects they have.

They bind directly to the androgen receptors in the bones and muscles. This usually means you will barely be experiencing any side effects. The most known SARMs are Ostarine, LGD-4033, SR-9009 and RAD-140.

The majority of people pile SARMs collectively in order to get the best results possible.

1 popular stack is a combination of Ligandrol, Andarine, and Ibutamoren.

However, when you stack SARMs you raise the potential of getting suppressed. If you anticipate doing this, make certain that you have a PCT available.


Comparing SARMs Vs Prohormones, I think SARMs are more successful.

In my view, SARMs are a better alternative to prohormones and AAS. Having utilized Ostarine and LGD-4033 myself I can pretty much say that they work good. I experienced no side effects at all whilst getting good lean muscle gains.

Prohormones are also not legally available anymore and I recommend you do not go searching for them. They can have a nasty impact on your liver enzymes and hormone production so that I would steer clear from stuff like Superdrol.

Another thing worth mentioning is that prohormones pretty much always require Article cycle therapy (PCT). With SARMs you won’t necessarily require a PCT that’s a very big plus in my opinion. Make certain that you read my SARMs PCT article.

If you are looking for a legitimate source to purchase SARMs I would advise checking out Sarms4You. They take high-quality lookup SARMs if you are considering experimenting with them.

There are also other natural bodybuilding nutritional supplements available. I have done a few articles on some rather promising natural nutritional supplements like Laxogenin and Phosphatidic Acid.

If you’ve compared SARMs Vs Prohormones please allow me to know. I’m interested to hear what other people consider these two substances.

S23 SARM review

Well-known pharmaceutical business GTX is thought to be exploring a SARM known as S23 and based on available information, it is not tough to see why. Thus far, research results have shown a positive correlation between the intake of S23, muscle mass development, and fat reduction. Apparently, the S23 SARM works by binding itself with androgen receptors and it is non-steroidal.

Image result for S23 SARM

S23 is said to positively affect muscles and bones thanks to its tissue-selective anabolic effects, and it doesn’t arrive with the androgenic effects that other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) come.

By way of instance, rather than enlarging the prostate it really reduces its dimensions which is great news for all those of you who are worried about its potential effects on the prostate.

GTX is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in hormonal drugs, so it makes sense that they would be investigating S23 and other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). GTX’s interest in S23 is based on claims that the SARM has sperm-suppressing traits that could adapt it as the world’s first male contraceptive. GTX has additionally developed MK-2866, also known as Ostarine.

If you’re interested to find out more about S23, keep reading to learn how it functions, how it may benefit you, its side effects, as well as the research that has been conducted on it so far.


Comparable to other SARMs, S23 affects muscle and bone tissue and primarily produces anabolic results in these areas. The excellent thing about S23 is that it doesn’t arrive with the side-effects that are caused by the majority of SARMs on the market.


The scientific study and anecdotal evidence that has come forth about S23 demonstrates that it is quite possibly the most potent SARM there is.

Here are just some of the documented benefits that come from using it.

1. Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass
S23 was demonstrated to help build lean body mass, and those who’ve taken it have reported greater gain retention after completing their cycle.

2. Increases Strength and Stamina
S23 users also report experiencing a significant increase in endurance, speed, and endurance whenever they’re cycling this SARM. This implies harder, meaner and more workouts which really produce results.

S23 provides you the opportunity to optimize high-intensity workouts thanks to innate fat-burning and lean muscle building properties.

The only downside of accepting S23 is it can boost anger. According to a user, this could be a result of the level of intensity with which one processes workouts when shooting S23.

3. Helps with Fat reduction
One other advantage of taking S23 is the simple fact that it helps with fat loss as well as fat oxidization.

In fact, a study that has been done on rats revealed that giving them S23 lower the rats’ body weight percent while increasing bone mineral density and lean muscle mass. The analysis also demonstrates that taking S23 in high dosages raises its fat-burning properties appreciably, which contributes to a massive decline in body fat.

4. Shows Minimal Water Retention
Consumers report that S23 doesn’t lead to any bloating or water retention, which means that they could keep their profits even once they were completed cycling S23. As a result, many bodybuilders use S23 throughout the cutting phase as they find it most valuable in this phase.

5. Develops a Challenging Muscle Aesthetic
If you want to build grainy-looking muscles, then you need to definitely consider taking S23 during the cutting stage. It’s well worth noting that getting the kind of hard muscle cosmetic that S23 delivers isn’t something you can do using traditional steroids, which explains the reason why most bodybuilders favor taking S23 in preparation for events and competitions.


Here are some of the side-effects which you may expect to encounter when choosing S23.

1. Testosterone Shutdown
According to users, S23 is the nearest thing to conventional steroids which you can get in the SARM market. This makes it unique and far more potent, with side-effects that are quite distinct from different SARMs. S23 actually decreases testosterone levels to the point that some users report supplementing with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in order to fight the subsequent deficiency.

The fantastic news is that this side effect doesn’t last and will come to be completely reversed as soon as you’ve finished your cycle on S23.

2. Aggression
There have been reports of improved anger whilst taking S23, therefore it might not be the ideal option for those that have a history of anger problems.

3. Testicle Shrinkage
Some bodybuilders have noticed their testicles decreasing while utilizing S23 and this was later endorsed by a scientific study that showed the exact same side effect.

This is principally connected with S23’s capability to reduce testosterone rather than increasing it, and the good news is that it’s merely a temporary negative and matters should return to normal once you finish cycling together with it.

4. Darker Urine
S23 has been proven to create a darker urine shade, but this side-effect can also be temporary and only lasts while you’re cycling with S23.


Typically, it’s suggested to take S23 in doses of between 0.5mg and 50mg. This is based on studies that were run on the SARM up to now.

Yes, we realize that this is a really extensive selection but like any SARM, the dose of S23 depends on a number of aspects, such as the outcome you’re searching for. That said, most bodybuilders state that an effective dose is anything between 20mg and 30mg.

If you’d like my advice concerning the best S23 doses, then I’d say go with roughly 10 to 20mg a day. According to anecdotal experiences, this is possibly the most optimal S23 dosage. This compound is quite effective and powerful, you probably won’t need much more.

The half-life of all S23 is roughly 12 hours. This means that you will need to dose S23 two times every day so as to have steady levels in the blood. I would suggest taking your S23 dosage once in the morning and once in the evening.


Yes, definitely!

This includes standard and shouldn’t even be a question at this point. You need to take steps to regain hormonal balance once you cycle with any SARM, not just S23.

However, it is even more crucial that you do so with S-23 because the amount of suppression it causes could lead to a whole shutdown. This means you need to undergo a very rigorous PCT to get your endocrine system functioning optimally again.

For the best outcomes, we would recommend going with Clomid and Nolvadex. Be certain that you read our SARMs PCT Article, it contains a lot of useful info regarding this subject.

While most SARMs won’t lead to hormonal havoc after a cycle, there are no such promises with S23 since it’s really effective and quite like steroids in its consequences.

It is important to keep this information in mind when contemplating that an S23 cycle so you can take the necessary measures to recover your hormonal balance afterward. Of course, its negative effects are temporary and will stop as soon as you’ve completed the cycle but it’s far better to be on the secure side nonetheless.


S23 is the sole SARM on the market that’s strong enough to duplicate the type of results you’d get from powerful steroids or prohormones. RAD140 Or Andarine would be a close second.

Actually, some users have reported experiencing similar consequences on Winstrol & Anavar when cycling with S23, while a study by Dr. Tony Huge showed the very same results.

Below you can see the personal review of S23 by Dr. Tony Huge:

That said, taking S23 remains much less extreme as biking with steroids like Winstrol and Anavar, for instance.

All in all, S23 was shown to produce a lean, mean and high-performing body that can win your contests when cycled in the right way.


A good deal of bodybuilders includes S23 SARM towards the end of their cycle in order to help them produce a more challenging and grainer body that’s made possible by S23’s fat-reducing qualities.

Some people report to stack SARMs like S23 with LGD-4033 and MK-677 for excellent lean muscle gains.

As such, it’s often advised to add S23 throughout the previous 8 weeks of your 12-week cycle rather than beginning with it at the start.


Judging from the study and experiential evidence purchased forth by S23 SARM consumers so far, this SARM is a powerhouse that may help you get rid of body fat, gain lean muscle mass and produce a ripped, textured physique.

But it’s important to keep in mind that using it does come with certain inevitable side effects that we’ve said but they do cease as soon as you’ve finished cycling with S23.

Plus, you will have the ability to keep the lean muscle that you gained even after you’ve completed your cycle so that it’s the fantastic SARM for anybody that’s preparing for a competition.

The only serious drawback with taking S23 is the fact that no clinical trials have been performed to corroborate the claims made about it, however, a study is underway to provide more conclusive and trustworthy proof. You also have to deal with the truth that S23 significantly suppresses testosterone, however, you can prevent this unwanted effect by complimenting S23 with the ideal supplements.

In general, S23 is the perfect choice for getting textured muscle, increase fat loss and retain lean muscle mass following a cycle. If you do not believe S23 is the right selection for you, make sure that you check out RAD-140 and LGD-4033, both are great for building bulk.

Ostarine (MK-2866)

In this article, I will be telling you all you want to know about the hottest SARM available on the market, Ostarine.

If you are not familiar with Ostarine, it is often referred to as MK-2866, Ostamuscle or Enobosarm. The great thing about MK-2866 is the fact that it is considered to be one of the safest and most mildest SARMs, mainly due to a lot of favorable users experiences and human studies.

This SARM was made by a pharmaceutical firm named GTx. Ostarine was especially made to help treat muscle wasting states. Due to MK-2866 having amazing muscle preserving benefits it has gotten tremendously popular in the bodybuilding scene.


There are numerous benefits from utilizing Ostarine. Overall it’s a really great compound that could help you in numerous ways. You will see people use MK2866 for cutting, bulking as well as recomping. That’s exactly why Osta is so great, you are able to utilize it for each goal. Whether it be cutting fat or gaining muscle, Ostamuscle is a great alternate to both.


What Ostarine does is bind to the Androgen receptors in the body.

You will mostly find the receptors within muscles and bones. Since Ostamuscle is a `’discerning”androgen receptor modulator, you will barely experience any unwanted effects. If you didn’t know, SARMs selectively target the androgen receptors without interfering with any additional processes.

The two major things Ostarine is known for is building muscle and burning fat. It is even able to help you build muscle while burning off significant amounts of fat. Trust me, there’s absolutely no compound like MK-2866. Let’s take a closer look at both of these ostarine benefits.


Since Ostarine was produced to help combat muscle wasting diseases, it has excellent muscle building skills .

Many individuals believe Enobosarm (MK-2866) can only be used when cutting body fat, that is not correct.

There’s lots of people using this SARM to pack on serious amounts of muscle mass. The muscle building effects of Ostarine also have been backed up by numerous clinical studies.

Of course, you will not be gaining the exact identical amount of muscle like with steroids such as Trenbolone. But it’s well worth mentioning that your advancement won’t be limited by side effects. This will allow you to progressively make gains with no issues.


Besides being a great muscle builder, MK2866 can also be really good at assisting with burning fat. When you are in a caloric deficit, then you’ll probably be losing muscle mass. Obviously, this is something which you don’t want to take place.

This is really where Ostamuscle steps in. Since it’s such great muscle sustaining abilities it will be certain you won’t shed a single bit of muscle in a cut. Since you will be holding onto more muscle, you will have the ability to diet more efficiently. Your stamina will also not require a massive beating, unlike when dieting naturally.

Needless to say, this Ostarine dosage is based on anecdotal experiences. Most users appear to take at least 20mg of Osta daily so as to achieve the best results. At an ostarine dosage of 20 to 30 milligram every day, you can expect to experience all the advantages previously mentioned. For cutting, a lot of people appear to take anywhere from 15 to 20mg daily. For bulking it is usually around 30mg.

Related image


Because of Ostamuscle being quite a mild SARM, it is not really effective at low dosages. For example, 5mg of YK11 is known for giving mad outcomes whilst 5mg of MK-2866 won’t do anything at all. Of course, you don’t want to take too much but based on the research I’ve done 20-30mg seems to be the sweet spot for many.


The ostarine cycle should be based on your personal objectives. From what I have seen, most ostarine cycles seem to last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. You shouldn’t run this chemical for over 12 weeks because you’ll greatly increase the chance of suppression.

Take a peek at these cycle cases.

These choices are the most common kinds of ostarine cycles you will discover online. The first cycle is for beginners since the dose is quite low and the cycle length is just 8 weeks. If you are more experienced you could go with the next cycle or the next cycle. My ostarine cycle lasted 12 weeks and that felt like the sweet place. I managed to lose a fantastic amount of fat whilst gaining a couple pounds of lean muscle. MK-2866 generally kicks in around the second week so make sure that you bear that in mind.


With this SARM you may expect to gain anywhere from 4 to 6 lbs of lean muscle mass. It’s not as strong as the other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).

It can also significantly increase strength during a bulk. When you’re cutting, this compound is likely to make sure to hold onto your muscle mass.

Some investigators will even stack SARMs. 1 popular pile is the Triple SARMs stack.

It includes Andarine, Cardarine and Ostarine. It’s said to be highly successful during both cutting and bulking.


The thing that is really good about Osta is it can be used for a number of purposes. You may notice people use it to both cutting and bulking. I’ve seen some amazing ostarine before and after pictures on the internet. The following image is what a typical Ostarine before and after looks like:


These are extremely impressive results. As the picture shows this person managed to pack on a serious quantity of mass within a brief time period. He required MK-2866 for 8 weeks dosed at 20mg per day. You might also see that he managed to lose a little excess body fat too. Fundamentally, he gained muscle whilst still losing fat. In his discussion posts he also mentions his strength went up appreciably. If you are looking to acquire a similar ostarine before and after I would suggest you get your daily diet and exercise program in check. If you are looking to help treat harm, consider stacking with MK677 (Ibutamoren).


A commonly asked question is, does Ostarine have side effects? The answer is simple, you shouldn’t be experiencing any unwanted side effects from MK-2866.

The only two common side effects brought on by Ostarine from the clinical trials are headaches and back pain. Some users also report experiencing lethargy which could be due to suppression. Many will recover just fine after a cycle of Osta.

If you take more than the recommended dose of MK-2866 you can start to get side effects. That is why the maximum dose of Ostamuscle is approximately 30mg per day. It is advised to remain within the dosage guidelines.

Remember that MK-2866 is the most popular SARM. You should not receive any negative effects from using it. In case you do however think that the MK-2866 is causing difficulties than you have to double check if your provider is legitimate.


For those of you that think SARMs can not result in gyno, it is not correct. Yes, the opportunity to get gyno with osta is very small but it’s still possible. 9 Out of 10 times, Ostarine will not bring about gyno.

There are exceptions for people who are very prone to gyno. Besides that, most people appear to experience gyno symptoms in redicously high dosages of Osta. Don’t head over 20-30mg and you should be just fine.

If you’re confident you’re developing gyno be sure to immediately get in an Aromatise Inhibitor like Arimidex. It is easily available over the counter and should be enough to help lower estrogen levels. With that being said, some people are incredibly paranoid about Ostarine inducing gyno. They will start playing with their nipples all day believing they are `’sensitive” and they’re developing a lump. Almost each and every one of these will finally say that it was all between their ears once the cycle is finished.

Don’t fool yourselves, there is a VERY small prospect of developing gyno from Osta.


Typically, MK2866 does not ask for a SARMs PCT. Ostamuscle hardly has any impact on your natural testosterone production. Keep in mind that the dosage and cycle length will also play a role in wether you will need a PCT or never.

Personally I did not need a PCT for the 12 week cycle of Ostamuscle. I also did not feel any symptoms of suppression later. The dose was approximately 30mg a day and I felt great after the cycle that means that I recovered just fine. I’ve seen cases where people did require a PCT using Ostamuscle. They experienced reduced testosterone symptoms so they needed a Post cycle therapy. A good PCT protocol can help recover the body’s natural hormone production. Frequently Nolvadex or Clomid is utilized. You may also want to think about buying a testosterone booster that includes Ashwagandha along with other herbs. Most Evaluation boosters really contain herbs which have been proven to raise testosterone levels. For SARMs like YK-11 and RAD-140 that you will require a PCT because both are proven to be quite strong and suppressive.


With Ostarine you will almost experience zero reduction. There are two main factors that will have a impact on the degree of suppression. The first one being the dosage.

Whenever you are running MK-2866 in the suggested dosages you will most likely be good, however, 50mg is a whole different story. At higher dosages it is likely feasible to experience ostarine suppression. This is a result of the simple fact that you’re taking nearly double the frequent dose. If you want my advice, remain inside the doses most consumers are taking. Less is more.

The next element is the period of this cycle. The more time you experiment with this SARM the greater the chance of suppression increases. Anecdotal experiences show us that the bicycle should be no more than 12 weeks.

Be smart in your bicycle and you need to encounter little to no recourse with ostarine.


There are a whole lot of discussions concerning if Ostarine is stronger than LGD (Ligandrol). Since you probarly already understand, Ostarine is regarded as one of the cleanest and mildest SARMs. The results are great and it does not actually have any side effects in any way.

If you want my opinion on Ostarine Vs LGD, I would definitely say LGD is your more powerful SARM. Don’t get me wrong, both these SARMs are amazing but for building lean muscle mass I would definitely go together with LGD-4033. On the other hand, Ostarine is probarly a much better choice if you wanted to hold onto your muscle whilst cutting. It’s great for helping to preserve muscle while being in a caloric deficit. CONCLUSIONMK-2866 is hands down one of the very best SARMs. It has virtually no side effects and may be used for both cutting and bulking. Osta is also regarded as among the safest SARMs due to all the research available.

If you’re interested in finding a SARM that gives great results with the least amount of negative effects than Osta is definitely a fantastic selection.

Is CrazyBulk A Legitimate Company Or A Scam?


If you’re searching for alternatives to prohormones and steroids, chances are you’ve come across the CrazyBulk merchandise series. These goods are said to be very good at building muscle, strength and overall functionality. Besides that, they also carry a few products that could be ideal for burning fat.

A question I often get asked is…”Is CrazyBulk Legit?”

Yes, CrazyBulk is legit. They offer high-quality products that are thought of as the finest legal steroids out there. The products are pricey, but it is the quality you pay for.

What do you expect from all of the CrazyBulk products?

  • High-Quality Products
  • Completely Safe & Legal
  • Rapid Outcomes

Let’s take a peek at a few of the finest performing products they take:


Product Description: D-Bal is mainly famous for its ability to mimic the effects of Dianabol. It increases protein metabolism that will lead to rapid muscle and strength gains. Perfect for those looking to gain size and strength.

  • Fast Muscle Gains – 9/10
  • Increased Strength – 9/10
  • Maintaining Profits – 8.5/10
  • Outcomes – 9/10




  • Legal Dbol Choice
  • Great For Muscle & Power Gains
  • Cheap


  • Largely For Bulking
  • Has to Be Cycled

Among the most popular products of Crazybulk is D-Bal. It’s one of their most powerful and most effective products when it comes to building muscle and strength. It’s thought to be as potent as Dianabol.

With the higher protein metabolism, you are going to be able to obtain muscle much quicker and easier. Gaining muscle can be a process, but with D-Bal as you are looking at rapid gains. When mixing this product with a workout program and diet, you’ll be making progress.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Increased protein metabolism
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increased performance
  • Power & Muscle Gains

Since D-Bal is completely safe and legal, you won’t need to fret about getting nasty side effects.

I suggest stacking CrazyBulk goods if you would like the most from a cycle. For bulking so it might be a good idea to stack it with other bulking compounds such as Anadrole, DecaDuro, and TestoMax.


Product Description: Trenorol is mainly used to aid with fast muscle gains and accelerated fat burning. By retaining more nitrogen you can expect extreme results within only a brief period. Best to stay with Anvarol and Winsol.

  • Power & Power – 9/10
  • Physical Performance – 9/10
  • Shred Fat – 9/10
  • Effectiveness – 9/10




  • Androgenic Effects
  • For Bulking & Cutting
  • No Negative Effects
  • Size & Power Gains


  • Greatest To Stack
  • Quite Expensive

Another great and efficient product for enormous benefits is Trenorol, which can be supposed to possess the same androgenic effects as Trenbolone.

This item may be even stronger than D-Bal. It’s meant for people that are looking to put on some serious size and strength. Some people even choose to pile both Trenorol and D-Bal together since they have synergetic effects.

When using products such as Trenorol, you won’t have to be concerned about any side effects. They are safe and for the best results, I strongly suggest stacking it with Winsol and Testo Max, possibly even Clenbutrol too.


Product Description: A safe and legal alternative to Winstrol. Used for bulking to increase performance and cutting. Improve speed, strength and muscle mass.

  • Lean Muscle Gains – 9/10
  • Improve Power – 8.6/10
  • Encourages Fat – 9/10
  • Maintain Muscle – 8.5/10




  • Extreme Strength Benefits
  • Lean Muscle Retention
  • Performance & Power
  • Increased Vascularity


  • Must use for two + weeks
  • Stack for great outcomes

Winsol mimics the effects of Winstrol, an effective oral steroid. It is known for lean and dry gains with no water retention at all. If you would like to put on muscle and strength whilst staying lean, I strongly suggest going with Winsol. It’s one of the lean mass gainers of all Crazybulk solutions. If you are seeking to stack Winsol, I’d say the top products to pile it with are Anvarol, Trenolol, and Clenbuterol.


Product Description: 100% safe and legal alternative to the powerful compound Anavar. Perfect for those looking to gain lean muscle mass and get shredded. Best stacked with Clenbuterol and Winsol.

  • Improve Lean Volume – 8/10
  • Perfect for Cutting – 9/10
  • Boost Power – 8.5/10
  • Increased Vascularity – 8/10




  • Improve Lean Mass
  • No Water Retention
  • Power & Energy Boost


  • Only for trimming
  • Must Be Stacked

Anvarol is among the best products for cutting-edge. If you combine it with Clenbuterol and Winsol you will be getting shredded in virtually no time. On its own, it is pretty powerful but the actual results come when you stack it with other products. It’s mainly used for cutting because it helps preserve muscle and strength.

For people who have their diet in check, you might find that you might have the ability to boost lean muscle together with Anvarol. It provides you that extra push through a caloric deficit, which is exactly what many of us need.


Product Description: By far the best merchandise for fostering human growth hormone levels. Higher HGH levels will considerably help with building muscle and strength. Also perfect for burning fat and improving healing. It can be stacked with all products.

HGH-X2 Max is one of CrazyBulk’s natural human growth hormone (HGH) booster.

  • Lean Muscle Gains – 8/10
  • Burn Fat – 8/10
  • Boost Recovery – 9/10
  • Cutting Cycles – 9/10




  • Boost Recovery
  • Quality Lean Muscle Benefits
  • Natural HGH Supplement
  • Perfect for Stacking


  • Has To Be Cycled
  • $60 Per Bottle

HGH-X2 Max is by far one of my CrazyBulk solutions. It’s a natural human growth hormone booster and it’s very effective, to say the least. You will find it will help improve healing and it could also assist with strength and building size. This product can be stacked with any of the products.

I use it for both cutting and firming because recovery is essential when it comes to building muscle. HGH-X2 Max is just one of the best HGH supplements available in the industry right now.


Product Description: Anadrole recreates the effects of Oxymetholone with no side effects. It is great for building a lot of size and durability. You can expect increased vitality, muscle pumps, and size gains. Best to stay with Decaduro and Testomax.

  • Maximum Power & Stamina – 8.5/10
  • Improve Recovery – 8.5/10
  • Quick Gains – 9/10
  • Boost Performance – 8.5/10




  • Shuttle oxygen to the muscle
  • Delay Fatigue
  • Quick Muscle & Strength Gains


  • Slight Water Resistant
  • Must Be Cycled

Anadrole is believed to mimic the effects of Anadrol. This item is used during a majority for improving size and strength because it is notorious. Remember that you’ll also need a high protein diet along with a proper workout program plan. However, the progress may radically speed up.


Product Description: This formulation targets the reason for gyno, also known as manboobs. It will also help with burning stored chest fat.

  • Reduce Male Breast Tissue – 9/10
  • Reduce Fat – 8.5/10
  • Safe Alternative – 8.5/10
  • Stack With Clenbuterol – 9/10




  • Reduce Gyno
  • Safe Choice
  • Lower body fat


  • Must use for 3+ months
  • Combine with a great diet

If you’re looking for something which may help with man boobs, then you have to check out Gynectrol. It contains several powerful ingredients that could help with burning chest fat. It might help with balancing hormones, which will lessen the size of man boobs. It is one of the best products on the market and if you are having problems with gyno or person boobs you have to give it a shot.


Product Description: Decaduro is a legal and safe solution to Deca Durabolin, and is among the strongest steroids out there. This item will enhance red blood cell production, protein synthesis, and nitrogen retention. This will result in muscle gains and strength.

  • Quality Muscle Benefits – 9/10
  • Boost Power & Endurance – 9/10
  • Quick Recovery – 8.5/10
  • For Bulking & Cutting – 8.5/10




  • Perfect for gaining size
  • Stack with D-Bal & Anadrole
  • Faster Recovery


  • Slight Water Resistant
  • Has to be used for 2 months

Decaduro is pretty much a different sort of Deca Durabolin. It is mainly used for bulking because it’s great for placing on a lot of sizes. It’s also one of my favorites, since when you pile it with Testo and Anadrole since you are going to be gaining a good quantity of muscle. You can anticipate an increase in strength without any side effects in any way.


Product Description: Testo Max is among the very few products on the market that may assist with boosting your testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that plays an important role in building strength and muscle. 100% Safe & Legal.

  • Strong Muscle Gains – 9/10
  • Improve Strength & Stamina – 8.5/10
  • Enhance Retrieval – 9/10
  • For Bulking & Cutting – 9/10




  • Quick & Efficient Muscle Growth
  • Safe & Legal
  • Boost Recovery
  • Boost Workload


  • Must take 4 capsules per day
  • Not cheap

CrazyBulk has completely reformulated Testo Max. The formula is a lot more powerful than the older one as it can boost your testosterone levels. It’s pretty much a safer alternative to Sustanon. The great thing about this product is you won’t need to think about sticking with a needle. You only need to take 4 capsules each day and it has no side effects in any way. You’ll start feeling the effects after about 1 to 2 weeks. The testosterone will allow you to pack on strength and muscle much faster.

Testo Max may even help enhance recovery that is quite important when it comes to making progress.

For bulking, stack with:    

Anadrole, D-Bal, DecaDuro or Trenorol.    

For cutting, stack with:

Clenbutrol, Anvarol or Winsol.

Remember, it is safe to pile all CrazyBulk products together. Stacking products together will greatly improve your results. I highly suggest doing so if your budget allows it.


If you wish to take your programs to another level you should pile products together. By stacking products you’ll produce a synergetic effect. Each product has its own set of advantages, which in return can help you accomplish your goals. Whether you are looking to strip body fat or gain quality muscle mass, there may be a stack available for you.

Let’s take a look at the CrazyBulk stacks and what they can do.


For those of you that are currently seeking to get shredded, there is the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack. It contains:

  • Anvarol
  • Testo-Max
  • Winsol
  • Clenbutrol

You will also receive a complimentary cutting guide which can be useful. This stack will last you approximately 4 weeks that should be sufficient to completely change your body.

The CrazyBulk Cutting Stack is great for losing fat. It will also allow you to hold onto your muscle while you’re currently working hard to get rid of fat. It kicks within only a couple of weeks and over a couple of days, you are going to begin noticing results.


If you are looking to pack a great deal of muscle mass compared to the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is just what you’re looking for. This stack will speed up the booking process. It is mainly used for men and women that are currently seeking to put on a good quantity of strength and muscle in a short period.

The CrazyBulk Bulking Stack comprises:

  • D-Bal
  • Testo-Max
  • DecaDuro
  • Trenorol

You’ll also get an in-depth guide on the way to bulk. This stack will last for 4 months and you’ll be carrying a lot of capsules every day. It will be well worth it for the profits you’ll be making.


If you would like to go all out when it comes to gaining strength and muscle, I’ve just the thing. I’m talking about The Ultimate Muscle Building Stack.

A stack that allows the consumer to acquire a great deal of mass within a brief period has been formulated by CrazyBulk. It unites 6 distinct products. Those are:

  • Anadrole
  • Clenbutrol
  • D-Bal
  • DecaDuro
  • Trenorol
  • Testo-Max

This stack will last you for a month. I advise running two stacks back to back, thus a total of 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks, you will have the ability to put on a solid amount of muscle mass and strength. I strongly recommend it to people seeking to gain size quickly.


In my opinion, CrazyBulk products do work. But bear in mind, these products aren’t magic pills. Yes, your progress will enhance and assist with building strength and muscle. But, you have to ensure you train hard and eat right.

How To Identify The Best SARMs Stack


It’s a challenging question to answer because it depends upon your targets. In this guide, we’ll discuss the SARMs stack for cutting and bulking. On what I believe are the best SARMs stack, I will share my opinions. Let’s start with the SARMs stack for bulking. You need to gain as much size as possible when you are in a phase.

Allow me to start by stating SARMs are extremely powerful when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass. Multiple stacks are powerful, In regards to the SARMs stack for bulking. It’s highly suggested to have a look at the SARMs stacks that are best for cutting if you’re trying to eliminate body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. All of us know just how much of a struggle it is to maintain muscle mass.

I’ve used many stacks for cutting. In my view, they shine during the stage. In case you did not understand, SARMs were made to assist with muscle wasting diseases. This means they can help protect your muscle mass even.

Let us have a look at some of the stacks for cutting. The mixture of Ostarine and Cardarine is quite powerful. Ostarine may help build a little size and is great at maintaining muscle mass. Whereas, Cardarine can enhance physical performance and boost fat loss.

As follows, the following stack is one you do not see. You can expect to get some muscle when you pile Ostarine with Ligandrol. What many do not realize is that it is also for cutting effective, although LGD-4033 is regarded as a SARM for bulking. It can help when cutting, you hold onto your muscle and strength gains.

I’ve used both of these piles for cutting and both were equally powerful. I managed to maintain all of my muscle mass whilst losing a bunch of body fat.


The SARMs stack is undoubtedly among the SARMs stacks. A standard stack will look like the following. In just 8 weeks, you’ll have the ability to change your physique. Since it is a stack of 3 of the researched 20, the SARMs stack is becoming so popular.

Andarine and Ostarine will be certain that you lose strength whilst or zero muscle. Heck, Andarine is so strong it will probably even boost your stamina and muscle mass. Alongside both of these SARMs, you will also be using Cardarine that’s known as an exercise in a jar. It will make cardio to perform and is going to improve performance.

I attempted the SARMs Triple Stack during my final cut and I was quite impressed with the results. It is like the 3 SARMs produce a synergetic effect which leads to progress that is terrific.

A Brief Review Of Boldenone Undecylenate

Odds are you’ve come across Boldenone if you’re looking for effective steroids. It’s undoubtedly among the most well-known injectable steroids. This chemical can quickly increase muscle mass and stamina.

Fitness center rats and bodybuilders will often refer to it as Equipose or even Boldenone Undecylenate. But, there are a lot of things most of you don’t understand about Equipose (EQ). In this guide, I will tell you all you want to learn more about the compound.


Boldenone Undecylenate belongs to the family of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS). It is an ester, so it’s a long-lasting drug of the main compound. It’s sold under the brand names like Parenabol and Equipoise. Also, in case you did not know, Equipoise is the derivative compound of testosterone.

Equipoise was developed before Dianabol, Anadrol, and many other steroids. This chemical was first produced in the 1960s and was used as a medicine; however, it was quickly discontinued. Nowadays, it’s only available through veterinarians and labs that are underground.

The main reason this anabolic steroid is becoming so popular is that it gives lean muscle gains without a lot of side effects. A good deal of bodybuilders will compare Equipose with Deca Durabolin. In my opinion, these two are extremely different and should be compared.

Besides the undecylenate ester, there’s also Boldenone Cypionate. Boldenone Cypionate Ester is better than Boldenone Undecylenate Ester. This is why it is popular. You will need more frequent shots. It also said that Boldenone Cypionate kicks in considerably faster than Boldenone Undecylenate. This compound’s concentration is usually lower than the lengthy ester version. It is from 100 to 150mg percent. You will see bodybuilders share this chemical now and then the ester seems to be the most utilized by far.

Still another ester worth mentioning is Boldenone Acetate. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of information about this form of an ester. Most therapists will go with the other two measures.


That is where things get interesting. What can you expect from EQ?

It will boost healing and protein synthesis. This can be crucial when building size. The most notable results will be increased strength and muscle mass. You can expect to obtain a significant amount of muscle tissue whilst using Equipoise. You’ll find people that stack it with other steroids and gain anywhere from 10 to 20lbs of muscle mass. A whole lot of users report greater when running moderate to high dosages of EQ.

Other reported results are: You’ll find a lot of people who run it jointly. Equipoise is a great chemical that can be used for both cutting and bulking edge. It’s frequently piled together with compounds like Sustanon and Trenbolone. Some bodybuilders will use it through a blast and cruise. Although it can be heavy on lipids, it’s regarded as a mild chemical. Experienced users may also combine Equipoise using different oral steroids such as Winstrol or even Turinabol.

Due to its long half-life, it is possible to eliminate injecting it once. Some users prefer to inject it to keep levels in blood flow. Based on experiences, it’s used everywhere from 200mg to 900mg per week. It might even run at a higher dose, which isn’t advised.

A normal Equipoise cycle would look something like the following:

Compound – Dosage/Duration

Equipoise 400mg/15 Weeks

Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/15 Weeks

This cycle would be accompanied by a Post Cycle Therapy to help recover the organic hormone system.


As with each anabolic steroid, Equipoise does have side effects. But, it is regarded as rather mild compared to other injectable steroids that were popular. If you are planning to experiment with this chemical, you should certainly watch your blood pressure. EQ is known for raising it. That is the reason you are going to see a good deal of bodybuilders talk about EQ raising their red blood cells (RBC). They will donate blood to help fight this unwanted effect.

You absolutely must conduct a cycle-service product when conducting any type of different steroids or Equipoise. With maintaining blood pressure and organs healthy throughout the cycle it will help radically. So do yourself a favor and buy a bottle.

Besides increasing blood pressure, Equipoise also has negative effects related to its use:

  • Stress
  • Water Retention (Bloat)
  • Gynecomastia
  • Negative Cardiovascular Effect
  • Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Testosterone must be running.

Overall, EQ is a pretty gentle chemical so long as you track your lipids. You should take several precautions such as purchasing cycle support and testosterone booster. This item will assist with potential libido issues on cycle. If that doesn’t work you might also think about penile enhancement pills.

Steroids may have nasty side effects and may lead to trouble. I strongly suggest you check out these steroid alternatives. My recommendation would be to purchase D-Bal. They’ve been demonstrated to work when it comes to building muscle and strength. When using them, you won’t have to worry about running into any problems.

The #1 RAD140 Review. All the Info You Need

RAD-140 is regarded as among the best mass building SARMs out there. The excellent thing about SARMS is that they are very selective in its own actions. What does this mean? They cause specific growth and development in the area’s of their bones and muscle without messing up biological systems such as hormone production. So basically, Great results and MINIMAL side effects.

RAD-140 Explained in just 1 minute!

That is right, together with Testolone you won’t be experiencing the nasty side effects stuff like steroids could cause. That is probably the biggest reason why they have grown so popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders.


When you have not learned about the SARM RAD140 yet you are in for a surprise. In the following guide, we’ll be going over EVERYTHING you need to know about RAD140.

It is often quite tricky to obtain the ideal RAD140 dose. Mainly because of the fact that Testolone is quite powerful in comparison to other SARMs.

Testolone has shown anabolic steroid for example results at a really low dosage.

You certainly don’t have to use greater than 30mg of RAD140 (Testolone) a day. I have personally used Testolone and my RAD140 dosage was 20mg per day. This dosage gave me great results within the span of 8 weeks. If you want my view, I would stay inside a dosage of 10-20mg each day.

Your RAD140 cycle should never last more than 10 weeks. Especially at higher dosages, Testolone could be suppressive.

If you want to play it safe then I’d suggest using RAD140 for 8 to 10 weeks.

Some customers will also stack SARMs.


There is a good deal of speculation concerning what the half-life of RAD-140 is. Based on the research I have done, the half-life is approximately 16 to 20 hours. This means that dosing Testolone one time a day should be sufficient.

It’s time to allow me to share my personal experience with this particular chemical. I want to start off by saying that I did not expect RAD140 to be so powerful. One of my friends had used it in the past and had great results with hardly any unwanted effects.


Following my LGD-4033 cycle, I wanted to try something more powerful which made me consider utilizing either Testolone, S23 or YK11. I wound up going with Testolone and don’t regret it whatsoever. This compound enabled me to pack on much more muscle compared to Ligandrol, you can’t really compare the two. Throughout the cycle, I felt no side effects whatsoever, possibly a slight increase in aggression. My strength was through the roof that was amazing. I also retained most of my profits after the cycle was over.

This compound is even more powerful than Andarine, which I believed was a comparatively effective compound.

SARMs such as Testolone are selective in everything they do, meaning they shouldn’t be causing a whole lot of unwanted effects.

It is worth mentioning that RAD140 is one of the newer SARMs and there is not a lot known about possible side effects in people. The fantastic thing is that the clinical trials demonstrated no side effects linked to the use of Testolone.

The good thing is that with RAD140 you won’t have to worry about side effects such as gyno, high blood pressure as well as acne.

Some customers may experience some headache, hair shedding or nausea but there’s no proof linking it to Testolone.

One side effect worth talking about is testosterone suppression. If you take a lot of RAD-140 for a lengthier time period, your normal hormone production will become suppressed. It follows that you might wind up having a SARMs PCT to help your hormones recover. Some people might experience a shutdown of natural hormone production using Testolone. It also is dependent upon the dosage and how much time you’re running the compound for.

The outcomes you can buy from RAD140 are extremely great, there aren’t any other words to put it.

It’s extremely good for building lean muscle mass and stamina. This SARM is regarded as one of the very best muscle builders to get a reason.

RAD140 Outcomes

The first thing you will start to notice is that your body composure begins to gradually change. After 2-3 months of Testolone you will discover your strength rapidly increasing, you will feel a lot more powerful. On account of the fact that you are more powerful, you will also be able to pack on muscle much faster.

Following 3-4 weeks you will clearly see observable muscle gains. From here on you’ll just begin adding more size and strength. Usually, after about 8 weeks you’ll have packed on anywhere from 10 to 15 lbs of muscle mass.

Thus, if you are looking to radically change your system by simply packing on muscle RAD-140 is an excellent option. In my view, it is much better than LGD-4033.

You’ll locate plenty of RAD140 Before and After pictures online, but I have discovered most of these aren’t actually accurate. It is important to understand what outcomes you can expect from Testolone.

One thing is for certain, you can not compare this compound to some of those other SARMs. If you have used something similar to Ostamuscle from the past you probably know how effective it is. Well, allow me to tell you that RAD140 is roughly 5 times stronger than Ostarine.

Take a look at the next RAD140 Before and after image. They’ll give you a fantastic idea of what you can achieve with a RAD140 cycle. These before and after images clearly speak for themselves. The user has had amazing results with Testolone. He also said they followed intensive workout programs and had a high-protein diet.

If your ambition in life is to become a great athlete, this is the ideal place to be. They have all the facilities and the best trainers. If you can work hard and dedicate yourself, you can really make it big.

Alferdo R. Walters